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After facing stagnating sale numbers during active shootings, Walmart has started a new policy that offers customers a 50 percent discount during any in-store shooting. This policy came after Walmart company executives noticed a steep drop in sales immediately following any shots fired in their brick and mortar stores.

This nationwide policy has already come into effect during three past shootings that all occurred within the span of four business days. One store in Omaha, Nebraska was seen with a line going out the store while police were attempting to secure the scene. After six people died in line attempting to take advantage of the sale, Walmart released the statement: “We send our thoughts and prayers to the victims of this tragedy, but we are also pleased by the excitement that this promotion has shown! Remember that ammunition, gun accessories, and Kevlar vests are also 50 percent off during shootings. Get out there and protect yourself America!”

After the shooting, police confirmed that the shooter legally purchased his gun at the same Walmart a week earlier.

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