Written by: Jack Yang

Francis Peterson, a political commentator and blogger, is the source of a new nationwide trend that has pro-right activists boycotting Mars’ well-known candy bar, Twix.

“At first, I joined the boycotts against Nike and Starbucks for their liberal agendas, but now I’ve made the decision to stop supporting the left as much as possible.” Peterson says. “That’s why I’ve been throwing away the left Twix in every package I buy. I never thought my personal actions would grow into this movement, but I feel proud that I was able to inspire my fellow patriots to do the same. #NoLeftTwix!”

Upon interview, Mars CEO Grant Reid claimed that their advertisements were not designed with any political affiliation. “Twix’s only appeal is that there’s two of them, so we weren’t expecting the bar to be this popular. But thanks to Peterson and his followers, our sales have nearly doubled, since everyone is buying twice as many packages to eat the same amount. So we’re not too concerned with the backlash on social media.”

“Not sure where we’re headed after the #NoLeftTwix movement.” Peterson says. “But know this — until we inject politics into every part of our lives, we won’t quit.”

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