Written by: MQ Trophy Husband

The giraffe catchers installed in the Eucalyptus Forest unleashed mayhem last week when they caught their first giraffe. Giraffe catchers were installed in 1967 and held a record-breaking capture rate of zero percent across their 51-year career. Giraffes from the San Diego Zoo broke this record last week when they broke out of their confinement and roamed the streets around San Diego, where several giraffes walked into the forest path by Price Center and wandered into the giraffe catchers.

Zoologists from the San Diego Zoo reported that a lion, a zebra, a hippo, and four penguins are still unaccounted for after the San Diego Police and Fire Department were still out looking for them.

Official sources claim that the animals were sedated in the train station terminal and are currently being shipped to a Kenyan wildlife preserve. Unofficial sources claim that the shipment was destroyed and the animals ended up being cast-away, where they were allegedly welcomed by friendly Lemurs into the Madagascar coast.

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