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Upon stepping outside into the 59-degree weather, infamous daredevil and renegade Francis Yates proclaimed that he wasn’t even chilly, even when just wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Despite the protests of his mother, Yates was steadfast in his beliefs, even turning down a sweater his mother tried to shove into his hands before he left. “I tried to tell him,” Yates’ mother stated. “I said, ‘You’re gonna freeze out there wearing that! At least take this in case you get cold later in the night.’ But he kept saying that he didn’t need anything.” She then shook her head, muttering, “He may be my son, but that doesn’t stop him from being a fool sometimes.”

Later in the evening, as the temperature dropped to 56-degrees, Yates remained silent, instead continuing to hang out with friends as they ate ice cream and biked through town, shivering intensely. “Francis is the sickest person I know,” one of his friends later reminisced. “Even though he was close to hypothermia, he didn’t accept any offers for a jacket. But the crazy thing is that he didn’t even wanna go home and get his jacket. He’s sticking it to the man, the goddamn rebel.”

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