Pluto the Pup Takes Siege of Disney, Establishes a Plutocracy


Written by: Mishelle Arakelian

Pluto the Pup, the Disney character owned by Mickey Mouse, told reporters yesterday that he has decided to incite a coup in order to become the new face of the Disney organization. During his announcement, Pluto communicated that he is just as valid as the other Disney characters, even though he is not dressed like a human.

Pluto, whose copyright is set to expire by the end of 2018, is protesting against the cast members who overlook him. Despite being owned by Mickey Mouse, Pluto feels the most rapport with Goofy, a fellow dog whose creators decided to bestow unto him more
human characteristics.

The seed of Pluto’s thirst for vengeance and revolt was confounded when it was announced by the International Astronomical Union that Pluto would be reclassified as a dwarf planet. This addition of insult to injury encouraged Pluto to rise up against his anthropomorphic-abled oppressors and seek control.

This insurgence of a plutocracy in the Disney universe has been fueled by Pluto’s perspicacious investments into different companies, aided with a tinge of insider-trading. Pluto has also been able to amass a large fortune from his lesser background roles, by money laundering, and by posing for photos with tourists.

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Mishelle Arakelian is a third-year Political Science major and Law and Society minor. One time she rejected an internship with the Obamas due to a scheduling conflict.

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