EDITORIAL: Watching Drag Race Has Made Me the Best Ally

Written by: Jay Noonan

By Britney Williams
Straight Ally

Before I started watching this show, I had no idea what the gay community was like. I thought it was all those cute boys in high school who always end up being gay and, like, lesbians, I guess. But now, oh honey, I’ve seen so much. Season nine was so sassy and I loved it. I guess not all drag queens are gay, but can you really be that fierce if you’re not gay? All of this makes me wish I had a gay best friend to watch Drag Race with. I just want someone who can sit with me and shout “Yas gurl! Werk!” when a queen serves some hot looks on the runway, or when a queen really starts to turn it out during a sweet lipsync.

My favorite thing about Drag Race is all the catty drama that happens almost every episode. If there’s not an argument about how someone’s being a stuck up bitch and keeps being cold, how am I supposed to get callouts? You only gotta stick out for yourself and don’t bother trying to deal with others. It’s a drag-eat-drag world and may the best woman win, right?

And you know what else? Screw “bad editing,” clearly if you say something when you’re stressed or under heavy pressure you’re just a bad person! It’s that simple. It’s not like reality shows take completely inane comments out of context to make it seem like prompted advice seem like hateful words. They definitely don’t inevitably ruin peoples’ lives due to fanbases blowing things wildly out of proportion and end up slandering non-white queens with thinly-veiled racism, so I don’t know why people complain about it all the time.

Watching this show has made me the best straight ally now that I know what the community is like. All these queens that come to slay on the runway have shown me how fun the gay community can be and have left me gagged! They’re all so shady and fun, it makes me wish I could be a queen. I went to a drag show at a gay bar, but I ended up leaving ‘cuz a girl bought me a drink and I think she was hitting on me. Like, yikes, can you believe that?

I even donated to FCKH8 to show how supportive I can be. But when I started blogging about how much I love my queens and how I never knew that they’re all men, some people got upset. I just don’t get why everyone doesn’t love it, and what’s wrong with being able to clock a queen? Then my trans friend got upset when I compared her to one of the queens on the show. She said something about being a girl and not just performing femininity, or something like that. I don’t get it, shouldn’t she be happy that I think she does as good of a job as these girls?

Sometimes I feel like being an ally is the hardest part of the LGBTQA community. We try so hard to be supportive, and some people just don’t appreciate it. I even had someone try to tell me that I don’t get to be part of the community. Don’t they see the A in the acronym for “ally”? I swear, some people are so closed minded. Anyway, I’m so excited to see who makes it to the top in this next season. Until then, all you gurls keep on slaying and stay sick’ning!

Editor-in-Chief at The MQ

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