Written by: Rhys Shriver

Recently, sophomore student Jane Doe has announced her plan to dress up as a tiger this Halloween, confurming her friends’ suspicions and shocking the general populace. Doe is reportedly using this opportunity to dress as furry as possible to avoid the overt verbal judgemewnt of her fellow trick-or-treaters.

“I’m so glad I finally have the opportunity to express myself. It’s not everyday that I get to express an important facet of my personality,” Doe said excitedly while stitching together a pair of large, furry, tiger-paw shaped slippers. “It’s such a great experience to dress as my furso – uh, my favorite animal.”

“Let’s be real, the only reason she hasn’t done this yet is because she’s afraid of getting publicly shamed,” murmured Kate “Kitty” Fireheart, one of Doe’s roommates. “I’m sure that she’d be roaming the school grounds in a fursuit if people didn’t give her funny looks.”

Doe has been very ecstatic as her costume approaches completion, but has had some difficulty thanks to her roommate pawlicing her every five minutes. However, Doe is expected to have her nyatural-looking tiger fursuit just in time for Halloween on Mewsday.

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