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The internet is buzzing after the Baskin Robbins CEO, Nigel Travis, confirmed the momentary existence of a 32nd ice cream flavor. Travis alerted reporters Sunday evening about the accidental creation of a flavor named “Hot Mama Sriracha” which was said to have been created with two parts vanilla bean ice cream, one part Sriracha, and one part ghost pepper.

After announcing the new flavor, Travis revealed that the existing samples of Hot Mama Sriracha and its recipe were destroyed in a controlled fire. “It was just too powerful. If the recipe got into the wrong hands … I don’t even want to think about the repercussions,” said Travis.

Once word got out that the flavor was destroyed, fans of hot and spicy foods were furious. Jennifer Candon, who runs a Hot Cheetos Fan Page on Facebook, told reporters, “Imagine how much good they could do with Hot Mama Sriracha! Sure, people could get hurt, but depriving people of this new flavor is an attack on my constitutional rights.”

Due to the backlash from this decision, Baskin Robbins’s social media presence has been suspended until further notice.

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