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The University of California has decided to move away from the quarter system at its universities. According to statements released by the UC, the quarter system was considered too slow-paced for students. The University said it would keep the price per unit per quarter the same. However, the annual cost of attendance has still doubled due to the increased number of academic terms.

The new system to be utilized has been dubbed the “Quarter Quarter” system with eight quarters per year. Seven of those quarters will be part of the academic school year, and one summer quarter. To keep with tradition, the summer quarter is further divided into two sessions.

The idea for this new system is being hailed as a stroke of genius by Chancellor Khosla and was approved unanimously by chancellors in the UC System. As an act of acknowledgment, Khosla has been given a raise in his salary for his commitment to the University. According to Khosla, the students at the university finally feel like they are being sufficiently challenged through their course material, and are grateful for the transition.

Written by: Nick Martin

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