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I’m the First Engineering Student Without a Superiority Complex: Here’s My Story

Written by: Gabrielle Hart

By Gabriella HeartEngineering Student I still remember the exact moment when I realized I wanted to be an engineer. It was when I built my first …


Discord Mods Confused About New Kitten Adoption Agency

Written by: Gabrielle Hart

“I hate that I actually know what a catgirl is now,” remarked Ahmed.Photo by Sharon Roth The local humane society has just opened up a newly added …


Pfizer Announces New mRNA Vaccine Will Be Stored in Tubs of Ice Cream

Written by: Gabrielle Hart

Distribution begins this Sundae.Photo by Sharon Roth & Ben Schumin Pfizer, one of the world’s most successful pharmaceutical companies, announced that their new mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 …