Written by: Connor Betterly

This year’s Sun God festival was filled with long lines and an array of performances from a variety of artists. However, students were most surprised when UC President Michael V. Drake himself appeared on stage.

Drake kicked things off rapidly with a performance of “Blue Line Bling,” in which he danced animatedly and sang about the Mid-Coast Extension of the UC San Diego Blue Line Trolley, “which really got the crowd of students cheering,” said one observer. Drake then launched into a performance of “Started from the Bottom,” where he shared his career journey — from his undergrad at Stanford to his tenure at UC Irvine — and his satisfaction that “now the whole team here!” Drake indeed “meant what he said,” as UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla then leapt onstage next to Drake. Drake proceeded to ask Khosla for “a one dance,” and Khosla replied, “Baby, I like your style.” The crowd was reportedly pleased with Drake’s surprise performance. An onlooking student stated, “Well, Drake really puts the ‘rizz’ in Drizzy.”

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