Written by: Maria Dhilla

The National Aliens in Space Administration (NASA) recently declared the existence of sentient alien life located on one of Uranus’ moons. However, the printed announcement was improperly spaced, reading, “NASA Discovers that Alien sExist Thanks to Ur anus Probe.” Feminist groups had mixed reactions to the news before a correction was published. “It’s not fair that the aliens are getting all this attention from the male-dominated aerospace industry,” said one online commenter, Nova Artemis Smith. “Earth was sexist first!”

Other groups began trying to fix the alien society, claiming that it’s Earth’s job to help aliens “become more like Western society, which is totally feminist.” Still others claim that Earth should not interfere: “At least they’re not racist! Planetist?”
“I don’t really care if aliens are sexist,” wrote Marty “Smarty” Flattman, a well-known conspiracy theory blogger. “Feminism is a lie created by the government anyway. Besides, it’s not like they’ll be sexist towards me. I’m a guy.”

Most people are instead focusing on an alternate section of the report. “NASA said the aliens are probing my butt, but that’s like, the opposite of sexism,” tweeted prominent micro-celebrity @PegLegSpacePirate.

The aliens declined to comment on this story.

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