We Should Respectfully Ask HDH to Charge Less for Food vs Hop In Comrade, We’re Seizing the Means of Production

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Written by: Liv Gilbert

By Adam Bootlicker
Business Econ Major

Point: We Should Respectfully Ask HDH to Charge Less for Food

Look, I know that we’re all getting annoyed at the fact that HDH always seems to charge more for food every time you look. The first time I bought a $10 box of cereal, I was pissed! I almost made an angry Reddit post about it, but I thought that would be going too far. Instead, I have decided to begin a personal boycott of overpriced market cereal. When management notices they have sold one fewer box of Frosted Flakes than usual this week, they’ll get the hint.

I just think that if we’re too harsh with HDH, then they could get the wrong idea about us. If we provoke them, they could raise prices even more! We need them to survive, and the more we sit by and let them do this, the higher the chance that they’ll be nice to us in return. UCSD is really struggling financially right now, and if the price of a pack of Skittles slips below $30, what would happen to Chancellor Khosla’s yearly raises? HDH is dealing with a lot and we need to trust that they’re doing the best they can! We all need to accept that some sacrifices need to be made.

By Carl Marked
Aspiring Revolutionary

Counterpoint: Hop in Comrade, We’re Seizing the Means of Production

You’re a complete fool. If you think for one moment that HDH cares about you, then you need to become familiar with the needs of the proletariat class. The merits of the “free market” system are lies. I read Marx yesterday and I learned that we need to “free” the “market” of these high prices!

Why confine ourselves to a cereal boycott? Such a narrow-minded approach won’t bring about the change we need fast enough. We need to get HDH where it will really hurt them — taking all of the ketchup packets, coffee stirrers, napkins, and any other free stuff in the markets and dining halls, then distributing them across all of campus to any student who needs them. HDH will be brought to its knees, and our student comrades will have all the bargaining power we could ever dream of.

In my ideal UCSD, we would have Sysco drop off the food outside the markets in a big pile and distribute it on a first come, first served basis, where we can fight over the food that arrives. I already basically live on those stale croissants. There’s definitely enough! I think that’s what Marx meant by “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”
We must seize the means of production. I got that phrase from reading Marx.

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