Written by: Tyee Arey

Controversy arose on campus when word spread that Itsara Chen, a third-year business major, was in the Catalyst Hall bathroom stall while on a Zoom call with his associates. Chen explained, “Between my five upper division business classes and my mandatory practicum, the only time I have to take work calls is when I’m using the little boys’ room.” Another student noticed, snapping multiple photos and uploading them to social media. These images made the rounds throughout campus, eventually reaching his TA, IA, RA, professor, Chancellor Khosla, and even his parents. When the news reached the UCSD administration, Khosla told Chen, “If you managed your time better, I’m sure you could find an extra 12 hours in the day to grind somewhere else.”

“Not only was this an abhorrent breach of privacy, it was demonstrable interference in a man’s livelihood,” said Chen. “UCSD tried to get me fired — I’m lucky that my associates were more disturbed by UCSD’s response than they were by the toilet flushing noises throughout the call.”

Chen awaits disciplinary action from the UCSD administration, and some students speculate it will be even worse than “having the bag swiped from under your bathroom stall cubicle.”

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