Local Student Stops Getting Gas, Car Still Runs “Just Fine”


Written by: Madeline Mozafari

Sophie Pubb, a third-year math major at UCSD, reportedly stopped filling the gas tank of her 1999 Honda Civic after two weeks of back-to-back midterms at the beginning of the quarter. Pubb’s roommate, Sneeth Broth, stated, “Oh yeah, Sophie drives me everywhere. Her car still runs just fine. We went to LA and back just last week, and she didn’t stop to get gas once.” Broth stated that she expressed concern after the Civic’s low fuel light came on earlier in the quarter, but the needle kept going past empty and went all the way around the dial back to full.

In her statement, Pubb said, “The Civic runs because it is blessed by God and untouched by the laws of physics. I do not question the Civic. Every time I turn the key, I hold my breath in case it decides not to start, but she has never let me down. I think it comes from my inimitable and unshakeable faith in the coming demise of the gas industry.”

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