Horticulturists Discover Blue Pepper


Written by: Connor Betterly

Last week, Dr. Horton H. Wharton, the head of the UC San Diego Horticulture Department, announced his research team had discovered a new hottest pepper and named it the Blue Pepper. “You’re all familiar with how blue is the hottest color of fire,” said Dr. Pepper, co-author of the publication. “It’s just like that, but with peppers!”

A new restaurant on campus opened and began serving food with this “ridiculously spicy” ingredient. Increasingly spicy dishes were supplied for a Hot Ones-style challenge between A.S. President Himmel Yin and show host Sean Evans. When they were “Under the Influencer” of these peppers, the two promptly ran off stage sweating to throw up and drink some milk.

But not everyone was able to experience this pepper for themselves. “I went to that restaurant and ordered their ‘Blue Bowl,’ but there wasn’t a pepper to be found!” said a disappointed Sixth student. “It just tasted like açaí!”

Soon, the pepper supply increased, and more people were able to try them. “Sheesh, that pepper looks hot,” said Lars Chalavim after seeing several students running from the building in tears. “And I thought bell peppers had quite a kick.”

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