Local Gnomes Open Restaurant


Written by: Sharon Roth

Local Gnomes Open Restaurant

World-renowned sommelier Emille Turnpike- Flashdrive, who is a gnome, opened a restaurant with his wife Gretna Flashdrive-Turnpike, who is also a gnome. The pair plan to bring miniature French cuisine to upstate New York, where they currently reside. The restaurant, opening early next year, has an open-concept layout that blends elements of being outside and inside. Turnpike- Flashdrive claims the natural setting helps customers feel at home, since they spend the majority of their workday out on front lawns. In addition to blending natural elements, Le Petit Gnome will also be murder mystery themed. The couple described the decor as “heavily inspired by Sherlock Gnomes.” Flashdrive-

Turnpike and Turnpike-Flashdrive have managed to secure celebrity appearances for opening night, including several members of the gnome city council and famous linguist Gnome Chomsky. Turnpike-Flashdrive shared a few items from the opening night menu. He listed, “We’re going to have gnocchi, gnoodles, gnectarine pie, gneopolitan ice cream … ”

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