Written by: Matthew Miltimore

Have the Shy Guys practiced their public speaking skills?

We’re so glad you asked! Some of the Shy Guys have been working to improve their incessant stage fright and general fear of being seen or heard. Some of the Shy Guys have been getting together after a long day of henchmening to attend a night school class on public speaking. While all the Shy Guys have tried really hard on their speeches, they speak so softly while presenting that the school has had to invest in microphones and amplifiers. But public speaking is not the only way Shy Guys have been working past their inherent meekness! For instance, a Pink Shy named Bob has started a theater troupe in the dungeon of Bowser’s Castle. He’s having a lot of trouble getting actors for the troupe’s Spring performance of King Lear. Nonetheless, he’s hoping Bowser will play the titular King. So to answer your question, Shy Guys are always trying their best to be Well-Rounded Guys.

Staff Writer at The MQ

Flattened in a distro cart accident, the MQ replaced his bones with leftover printer ink. With his increased lank, Matt has become a pivotal writer for the MQ through his fluidity. Whether demonstrated through his mastery of satire or being used as a keycard when we lock ourselves out of the office, Matt is a key asset to the writing team.

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