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Check Out Advanced Breeding Techniques in Pokemon Emerald!

Written by: Andrew Sitko

Photo by Jack Yang

In Pokémon Emerald, there are many things a young 10 year-old trainer can do! While battling pokémon is the main event, young trainers can explore, complete collections, solve mysteries, compete in beauty pageant competitions, build friendships with the pokémon, and even forcibly breed them in the hopes that their physical traits are ideal!

Shiny breeding is a new and fun activity that any trainer can get into and get the hang of quickly! Simply get any two pokémon that are compatible for breeding, head to Mauville City, and ask the daycare owner to hold onto your pokémon. From here, you simply wait until they tell you an egg has appeared and walk until it hatches. If your newborn pokémon that you helped bring into this world is undesirable, simply throw them into your PC box and try again!

Shiny breeding is a process about patience and staying committed to a goal. It may take multiple PC boxes to eventually find a shiny pokémon, but even with the limited space in your PC, there are always options to continue breeding! If you find your PC full of pokémon, simply release all of the pokémon into the wild and allow your newly spawned creations to roam the peaceful Mauville City. It doesn’t matter if your pokémon are literally balloons of noxious gas, the anthropomorphization of lava, or are known to be hostile to humans, you’re the trainer and you’re the most important!

Thinking that shiny breeding might be expensive? It only costs money to release your pokémon from daycare. You can keep breeding without paying fees and force y o u r pokémon to ma t e over and o v e r while their spawn compete for food in a small town of defenseless people. Still worried about clutching onto your hard earned pokédollars that you wrenched from other trainers after mauling their best friends half to death? The economic strife that you have placed Mauville City in as it deals with a neverending expansion of dangerous animals from an unknown source might set a few people off, but if your pokédollars haven’t increased in value after a few weeks of famine, disease, and violence, then your promise to bring even more of their problems into the crumbling infrastructure of your breeding wake will surely change some minds.

Pokémon shiny breeding is a wonderful new trend that has trainers raving! Remember, there are over 150 different pokémon that have a special shiny variant! You could literally never stop! Remember players, when pokémon shiny breeding, always remember to make them tremble in your presence.

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Andrew Sitko was recently arrested by the comedy police and charged for Possession of Killer Jokes. This is their second offense following a Grand Larceny charge from January 27th, 2003.

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