Written by: Dexter Hamilton

Chargers Coach “Finally” Figures Out How to Not Lose Close Games

After years of having the worst record in the NFL in one-score games, including multiple losses on the final play this year, The Lose Angels Chargers have a new trick up their sleeve. Anthony Lynn, head coach of the Chargers, has claimed to have “finally solved [his] problems.” Lynn described the moment of his breakthrough after Sunday’s game against New England: “I was watching the film, and I realized many of our problems came when we had chances to win, so I thought the easiest solution would be to eliminate those chances from our games. I was happy to see our guys execute my plan today. This game, there was never any doubt as to which team would be the victor.”

After the 45-0 loss, Lynn was asked about why he left his promising rookie quarterback Justin Herbert in a game that was effectively over and with a crumbling offensive line. “I firmly believe in teaching my players how to play through adversity, and there is no bigger adversity than a potentially career-altering injury. Also, he asked me to let him stay in, I swear. Now stop asking me questions that make me look bad.”

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