Written by: Dexter Hamilton

Study Finds This Article “is Not Niche, It’s Just Not Funny”

A recent study of this article found that while the author may claim it to be “niche,” it actually “just lacks jokes and any semblance of the relatability needed to create humor.” Baxter Washington, a scientist involved in the study, said of this article “I don’t see why the author is trying to pass off this article as fitting in a niche that’s so small that only he understands it. At that point, you’re just embarrassing yourself. It’s full of self-referential bullshit, and anyone who reads it will certainly not find themselves wanting to do the hours of background research we did to even begin to comprehend what’s going on.”

Washington went on to say, “This article is what happens when an author chooses to write for an audience of one: themselves. It serves no purpose, and the English language canon would not suffer in any manner if this piece were stricken from the face of the Earth. Honestly, we would have all been better off if the author had gone with his original idea, a truly niche discussion of the mechanisms behind comedy.”

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