December 6, 2023 Time traveling since 2088. Volume XXX Issue III


household spy technology

Written by: The MQ

There’s no need to leave the fun at work anymore. With so much high-tech spy gear for home use in the market, every paranoid family can bring some excitement to the hearth. These products from top-secret companies are great additions to the average Illuminati-avoiding household.

Pool Float with Electric Setting

It happens to everybody; you come home one day and the evil scientist who is trying to destroy the universe is doing laps in your personal swimming pool. With the Floatazer, a pool inflatable with a preinstalled taser, a simple flick of the switch will leave your enemy sleeping with the fishes.

Neurotoxin-Loaded Smart Home Device

If your operation goes awry and you find your arch nemesis lurking in your own residence, there’s no better solution than the Amazon Alexa Neurotoxin Attachment. At the command of “Alexa, kill!” your Alexa will activate strategically placed canisters around your home. Grab your gas masks, folks!

Fruit Disguise

With fruit disguising technology, you will never be stopped at customs again. Bananaflauge is the ultimate in fruit disguising technology. Make any exotic fruit, phone, or gun look like a plain old banana, or plantain if you’re willing to pay for premium.

Two Cans with a String that Connects Them

For the most cunning of secret agents, Telecan provides the safest form of communication that is virtually undetectable by government spies, sleeper agents, or any other potentially dangerous people. Ideal for communication between people as far as three meters apart.

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