double-sided underwear


Written by: The MQ

Silviya Borimirov via Instagram

Reusable items are all the rage today, but one industry where these products haven’t taken hold yet is the undergarment industry. The vast majority of underwear produced in the world is made to be worn on only one side before being thrown into the laundry hamper. Imagine how much water and time could be saved if each pair of underwear could be comfortably worn twice.

Lucky for you, this industry gap hasn’t gone unnoticed by entrepreneurs. A start-up company in Portland, Oregon called “Deuces” is working on a line of briefs and boxer briefs sewn with comfortable, absorbent fabric on both sides of the garments, allowing consumers to flip their underwear without worrying about chafes, stains, or leaks. The company is still fine-tuning their final product, however, as focus-group tests have shown the product may be linked to health issues like bacterial infections, UTIs, and pubic lice. Nevertheless, given a few more years, double-sided underwear may become a reality as society moves towards a dirtier, lazier future dominated by excuses of “saving water.”

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