a dam that goes around the world


Written by: The MQ

Stanley Buples via email

“In all of history, a dam spanning around the entire edge of the world has never been built. Everyone knows that water falls off the edge, but because of global warming, a greater volume of water has been flowing over the edge. Recently, the rate of water loss has reached over 300,000 gallons per year; all of which fall into space, leading to droughts.”

According to Stanley Buples, an unemployed man sitting outside Popular Science’s headquarters, that might explain why his ex-wife “KAREN” and her new boyfriend “BRAD” still haven’t come back after they went on a cruise last month. She said that she’d at least text him and tell him how it was, but she hasn’t once responded to any of his texts. “As there’s no service under the earth, most people don’t know that people fall off of it every year — we have yet to find the support needed to erect such a dam on the edge.”

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