how to tell the difference between a honeybee and a wasp

Written by: Jay Noonan

A lot of people have an irrational fear of bees, and some of it can be due to other creepy crawlies that may look like them. If you are someone who gets scared because you don’t know if the creature in front of you is going to hurt you or just your financial stability, then this guide is for you.

Class – Insecta

  1. Honeybees are useful because they pollinate plants and only care about making honey.
  2. Honeybees are essential to the environment; they only hurt you if you hurt them.
  3. Honeybees are not something to be afraid of.
  4. Honeybees make great friends and can support a massive community.
  5. Honeybees have six legs, so they give amazing hugs.
  6. Honeybees defy gravity by being able to fly. How cool is that?!
Photo by: Jack Yang

Class – Upper

  1. WASPs are not useful because they underpay workers and only care about making money.
  2. WASPs are destroying the environment and hurting the lower class.
  3. WASPs should be feared.
  4. WASPs make terrible friends and are destroying the economy.
  5. WASPs only have two arms and only give awkward side hugs.
  6. WASPs rely on their fancy private jets for flight and won’t fly economy like the rest of us.
Photo by: Jack Yang

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