Lazy Area Reporter Wants To Tell You but He Really Can’t


Written by: Rhys Shriver

Some time ago, area corporate worker Jane Doe traveled to Main Street, Downtown Anytown USA to do some things. On the scene, witnesses reported seeing Jane Doe holding a widget and pointing it in the direction of several passersby while making several different emotive faces, but when confronted by someone that looked like a policeman, Doe dropped the widget and apologized for her actions before walking away in a different direction.

When asked by reporters about the incident, Jane Doe commented, “Yeah, I did some stuff there, and there were a few consequences as a result. It was definitely a time for everyone involved, I’m sure.

“I think what everyone could learn from this is that there’s always something going on with somebody, so you should feel good emotions towards what you have because you never know when you won’t have those things after stuff happens.”

At press time, Doe was reportedly being talked to by her department head at Corporation Incorporated, John Smith, for drawing some attention to the company, receiving comments such as “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.”

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