Written by: The MQ

Local student Kevin Chu realized, moments before graduation, that he had achieved his four-year goal of comprehending his own sense of humor.

“Hahhahahahaaha,” laughed Chu to himself, chuckling. “I can’t believe it took me this long, but I’ve finally figured it out. I’m decently funny.”

Chu texted several friends and family members through various channels to announce his discovery.

“Lmao,” read one of Chu’s Venmo payments for $4.77. “Heh you’ll never guess what,” read a text message to his mother.

Other students rejected Chu’s claims, reporting that he “tries too hard to make jokes” and “isn’t too great at picking up on social cues.”

“Yeah, he usually just mumbles to himself and then laughs for too long,” said Shannon Dearny, his roommate. “Sometimes he pulls out an alright pun, but most of the time it’s just gibberish.”

“I wouldn’t say his jokes have matured much,” commented Chu’s academic advisor Angel Cidner, whom Chu is reportedly close with. “His personality and attitude, maybe, but definitely not the jokes.”

“What a guy,” Revelle Provost Paul Yu was heard saying as he shook Chu’s hand, minutes after Chu’s realization. “What a guy.”

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