Mexican Workers Imported by Trump to Build the Wall Flee Across the Country

Written by: The MQ

This secret entrance ran into some issues when the workers realized installing only a door knob didn’t make a door.
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To the surprise of many Americans, President Trump has recently allowed 3,000 Mexican workers into the United States to fulfill his campaign promise to build a border wall separating the US and Mexico. According to the president, this is in accordance with how he builds properties, hiring the cheapest labor available. This past Monday it was reported that 1,235 of these workers have fled to different parts of the country.

This revelation was followed by utter chaos across the country. Nonetheless, Trump has said that this would not hinder the progress of the wall which is set to be built within the next year. He went on to claim that the workers who fled will be allowed to live in America — but only as Americans, not Mexicans. Furthermore, he said that he does not believe that it was a bad decision to let the Mexican workers in, though he has failed to provide any other reasons for his beliefs.

Earlier in a conference at the White House, the president refused to accept that the workers had actually fled. After the publication of official reports, Trump announced that he “never said that the workers were still at the work camp,” and that once again the media was misreporting his claims.
To respond to the current crisis, Trump tweeted early morning this past Tuesday, “The Mexican workers thing isn’t a mistake. It’s what Americans wanted & I’m proud of my country. I’m not wrong, not sorry & not responsible.”

In a press briefing, Sean Spicer laid out how these Mexican workers are different than illegal Mexican immigrants and would be allowed to live in the United States. According to Spicer, since it is easy for these Mexican workers to blend into an American crowd, they are almost exactly the same as Americans already, while illegal Mexican immigrants are easily spotted and do not fit into an American crowd and thus cannot be Americans. Spicer also said that these workers are basically already becoming Americans through acculturation and adoption of traditional American ways, such as watching American television, eating burgers, hotdogs, and Tex-Mex, and voting. Thus, they will quickly and easily take the final steps into becoming full-fledged Americans and will be allowed to stay in the country.

James Janet (a plantation owner, employer of minimum wage paid Mexican workers, and an avid Trump supporter) reported, “I am proud of what President Trump has been able to achieve in his 100 days and I definitely see fewer Mexicans around. Or more. Whichever he’s saying is good.”

This event has confused many Americans. With Trump’s intermingling definition of Mexican and American identities, some have started questioning the of the wall. This has further led to a plethora of inquiries about Trump’s policies and actions. However, according to President Trump, he neither “cares about nor understands these inquiries” and has no intention of changing either.

Written by: Sahil Nayyar

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