Local Student Yells Into Echo Chamber, Feels Better About Future of America


Written by: The MQ

Local student Garry Vikati was concerned about the future of America, until he was finally able to yell into an echo chamber this past week. Vikati was worried after watching his community become divided by polarizing politics on both sides, but luckily he was able to find a way to double down on his own beliefs instead of listening to those around him who he disagreed with.

While despondent about the prospects of America, Vikati overheard some of his peers reaffirming his political beliefs. He then joined the circle and yelled, “Why can’t the rest of America understand our very unique world view?” The circle then concluded, stating that if they were in charge “no one would be unhappy with their decisions” and that they could “fix everything.”

Vikati commented on the experience as being “freeing, no longer having to listen to other people who even have the slightest difference in beliefs. So I no longer believe parking citations, if anyone asks.”

He was then spotted checking his sole source of news, Snapchat. Vikati had stopped following traditional sources of news after determining none of them “yelled back my political beliefs loud enough for my tastes.”

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