Top Fifteen Similarities Between an Art Gallery and a Truck Stop Glory Hole

Top Ten

Written by: The MQ

  1. “Anybody could do that”
  2. People pay $9.99 a month to look at shit
  3. You’ve always dreamed of getting jerked off by a stranger there
  4. The really good stuff is always in the back
  5. Optimal use of negative space
  6. Much more enjoyable when drunk
  7. It’s amazing to think that people used to do this in caves
  8. Not nearly as fun if you go by yourself
  9. It tells you a lot about someone if they mention that they’re interested in it
  10. The other people there probably aren’t there to chat
  11. “I always wear a condom there, just to be on the safe side”
  12. A terrible venue for a company party
  13. The obsession with the phallic is so much more acceptable here
  14. “I got a college degree for this?”
  15. “I stuck my dick through a wall”

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