Written by: The MQ

A local 30-year-old spruce tree going by the name “NO TRESPASSING, PRIVATE RESIDENCE” was found loitering in a San Diego suburb late Thursday night. When asked its opinion on recent political events, the tree refused to comment, and simply rustled its leaves repeatedly to drown out reporters’ questions. Reporters had difficulty obtaining much information from the reticent spruce, though they were able to ascertain after several hours of interview that it was, in fact, a tree.

Local San Diego environmental activists were outraged by the tree’s inaction, claiming that they deserved at least some praise and devotion from the trees they tried so hard to protect.

“We fight day in and day out for these trees,” stated Sarah Drevo, a local tree sympathizer. “You would think they [the trees] would be able to show a little bit of appreciation for our efforts, but when push comes to shove, you can never count on a tree. They never fail to let you down. Honestly, fuck trees.”

A local biologist was asked what was causing this unusual phenomenon of politically inactive trees, but all they could muster up was, “What? You know trees can’t talk, right?” before running down a hallway in a panic to research which islands are physically the farthest from any civilization.

At press time, a stressed reporter was overheard groaning after listening to an interview with a particularly stubborn tree that turned out to be around 2.5 hours of white noise.

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