Student is “Interested” in Protest Event, Has Done Her Civic Duty


Written by: The MQ

UCSD student Kelly Baker has been praised by peers for marking that she is “Interested” in over five protest event pages on Facebook, thereby doing her civic duty and participating in local and national politics.

“I wanted to stand up for my community,” Baker said, “for my friends who are immigrants – and being “Interested” in these events lets me do that while exerting as little effort as possible.” Baker, who did not attend the Women’s March because she had homework, admitted, “I didn’t want to risk any of my privilege, but I’ve made up for that by adding my voice to the thousands who may or may not show up to the actual protest, but will at least read all about it on Facebook.”

Baker also expressed her stances on the important political issues by reacting with an “angry” or “sad” emoji to articles on her newsfeed. In another brave move of activism, Baker “liked” a post in which the organizer of the immigrants protest changed the location, in honor of all the people who had the dedication to actually attend.

At press time, Baker indicated she has prior plans that conflict with all the protest, and she will likely not be able to attend any of them.

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