Written by: The MQ

In a discussion of moon travel at a local comic convention, television scientists were asked multiple times: “Why the hell hasn’t Frank Sinatra been flown to the moon yet?” The organization Burial Liberation: Un-Earthing Men Occupying Old Necropolises (BLUE MOON) have said they would be honored to fly the singer to the moon, especially since their first customer was the inspiration for their company name.

“I believe that if anyone has the right to be the first person to go to the moon for re-burial purposes, it should be the rotting remains of America’s famed swing singer,” said Sebby Davis, son of Sammy Davis Jr., Sinatra’s fellow Rat Pack member.

Proponents of this action believe in the Sinatra comeback that will come along with it. The ceremony will be live-streamed from the moon with an opening performed by members of the International Space Station, who have prepared a song-and-dance number for the occasion. Currently they are working out kinks on how sound will be broadcast, as well as how the tap-dancing will be affected by “this thing called gravity.”

Sinatra’s body is expected to be exhumed from his burial place in New York, New York by 2020.

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