Written by: Lawrence Lee

New reports state that Ben “Big Bear” Barenstork, head of one of two major local mobs, is still awaiting your presence in his office by midnight, along with the $30,000 you foolishly stole from his criminal organization. He is thoroughly concerned with your well-being and hopes that you have not experienced any significant duress from your unwarranted and quite hurtful robbery of his enterprises.

The reports confirm Barenstork’s knowledge that you wanted to run away with the money and Jenny, daughter of Julius “The Jaguar” Jacobs, the second major mob boss. He also knows that the revelation of such a sordid tryst would have been the ultimate betrayal to both mobs. Its public revelation would probably have spelled the deaths of either one or both of you, had you stayed in the area.

Barenstork only wishes that you had come to him first, as he could have protected you from inevitable backlash. He hopes for your safe return home with his goddamn money and will limit the torture you receive to a mere three months chained in the diner basement and maximum removal of three fingers or toes (most likely toes).

MQ Alum, former Web Editor at The MQ

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