Written by: Barak Tzori

Karl Tunberg was just wondering when his grandchildren last visited when he received a call from his daughter, informing him that he would be packing his bags and moving to the Costa Serena Mature Living facility.

Tunberg, who lost three buddies in Vietnam and can still remember Finley’s warm, red neck as he tried to stop the bleeding and watched his eyes close for the final time, was assured he would be provided with every amenity necessary for a comfortable end of life.

Three full meals a day lie in Tunburg’s future; who in his past went back to college after the war to fulfill his dream of becoming a chemical engineer only to drop out in his fourth year to raise a family.

The two children Tunberg raised by himself after Sylvia left in July of ’86 made it clear multiple times that the move would be a new start. They gifted him three empty photo frames on his way out.

At press time, Tunberg’s youngest grandchild became the first relative of his to visit. She brought a notebook and a pencil, and the two of them spent the afternoon beginning work on Karl Tunberg’s memoir: “How Do I Know If My Children are Happy?”

Alumnus, Editor-in-Chief 2016-17 at The MQ

Barak Tzori is an MQ Alum and was Editor-in-Chief for the 2016-17 school year.

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