Written by: Hannah Rosenblatt

A large, dark vat awoke early last Friday to find an unsettling feeling in its center. It soon realized that the discomfort was caused by a large brain now floating in its innards.

Unaware of how or why the brain had come to be resting inside of its own physical form, the vat contemplated if the new addition necessarily meant a shift in its personal identity. It spent several hours in the comfort of an empty warehouse trying to grasp its relationship to the new conscious being that was not quite distinct from the vat.

After almost grasping a consistent interpretation of a more holistic identity, the vat was once again forced to re-evaluate its sense of being when a fishy-smelling, latex-gloved hand ripped off its lid and reached in to extract the newly acquired brain. After being returned to its normal physical state, the vat was left to step back into its original identity, but from the perspective of an outsider.

The vat was forced to cope with its once-familiar self amidst camera flashes from prodding investigators, and a forest of yellow tape. Not yet sure how to respond as an autonomous being to the attention of others, the vat retreated into the deep confines of its consciousness on a deep search for authenticity, as it was rigorously swabbed and dusted for prints.

Hannah Rosenblatt is an MQ alum. She was the 2017-18 Editor-in-Chief.

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