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Local bounty hunter Leland Chappy set out to arrest Areana Slony to obtain a 45,000 dollar commission but unexpectedly found himself conflicted over his newfound love for his target. This internal struggle lead Chappy to weigh the values of a lifelong appreciation for cash and the potential emotional fulfillment of a rash relationship with an alleged criminal.

Slony was arrested for the manslaughter of her husband, whom she allegedly shot while driving; she immediately posted bail when it was set at 450,000 dollars but did not appear in court on her assigned date.

Chappy saw the story of Slony’s missed court date on the news and was instantly attracted to the student loans he could pay off with the commission. However, after systematically tracking, and capturing her, Chappy unexpectedly found himself in love, throwing his priorities into disarray.

“She charmed me instantly,” he said. “And now I’m seriously considering throwing away my life, my professional reputation, and my clean record to run away with this woman.

“It’s those green eyes. I can only try to escape those eyes just as much as I can try to escape from crippling debt.”

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