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After being missing for a whole week, local computer science student Alan Bergeron was discovered in what computer science majors call the “CS Dungeon.”

After searching the shores of Blacks Beach and the shrubbery of Pepper Canyon, Bergeron was found by university police in the basement of the Computer Science Building, a place where many CS majors flock to complete “seemingly endless” lines of code. It appeared the student in question hadn’t showered or slept for at least two weeks, despite being missing for only one. After a shower, full night’s rest, and psych evaluation, Bergeron was released from the hospital with no significant injuries.

In an effort to prevent similar experiences for other students, college faculty has implemented a Personal Care class as a new requirement for first year CS majors. The class is planned to be a one unit pass/no pass class in which the basics of personal hygiene, time management, and the concept of circadian rhythm are covered.

The class is the first of its kind and is expected to be a huge success. Many other universities which offer intensive majors that have heavy workloads are expected to adopt a similar course requirement.

Written by: Nick

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