Top Ten Little Known Environmental Problems

Top Ten

Written by: The MQ

  1. The oil spill on Mars that NASA doesn’t want you to know about
  2. Global warming is actually caused by people measuring CO2 levels
  3. There are too many trees and now it’s causing overcrowding in tree cities
  4. When some colored flowers show up in a field full of white flowers, all the white flowers leave
  5. A difficult math problem on the amount of energy that solar panels generate
  6. Flower over-farming is leading to a price increase, which means that many local diners have to use fake flowers on their tables, which causes people to slightly judge them for using fake flowers on their tables
  7. The pandas are eating all the bamboo in China, leaving less bamboo for the pandas, so we should kill all the pandas
  8. Global warming is making the temperature much more comfortable for our reptilian underlords
  9. The bins you think are for “recycling” are actually part of a secret government program to choke baby animals with random pieces of litter
  10. The Hundred Acre Wood is now the 25 Acre Wood

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