Hillary Clinton Appears on “Sesame Street” to Appeal to the Youth


Written by: Cole Greenbaun

Hillary and the Count could be overheard on the set singing, “I count slowly, ballots, slowly getting faster. Once I’ve started counting it’s really hard to stop — even if they’re fake!”
Photo by: Jen Windsor

To combat the political pressure from the growing support of the Bernie Sanders campaign, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a recent guest appearance on the children’s show “Sesame Street,” in an attempt to gain support from younger voters. In a press release before the episode, Clinton’s campaign said they were excited to finally reach the younger voter demographic and show them how “hip, in the know, and yolo swag” Clinton was.

“I believe that the youths of America are the future of America,” said Clinton, “and that can only happen with the votes from these promising young Americans. Hopefully when they see me shake hands with Big Bird and do the ‘whip and nae nae’ with Elmo, they will see how qualified of a candidate I am.”

This is not the first attempt by Clinton to reach the younger demographic. Other attempts include having brunch with Grumpy Cat, building a White House in the video game Minecraft, and dressing up as a Minion for Halloween. Surprisingly, these attempts have not increased Clinton favorability with voting millennials, with the polls still showing more youth support for Bernie Sanders, who recently was reported to have been yelling at some local kids to get of his lawn.

However, Clinton’s press manager James Russells has said that Clinton’s appearance on Sesame Street will ensure her the democratic nomination.

“Young people don’t want to listen to a candidate who talks about the ‘issues’ or ‘crises’ facing the country,” Russells said. “They want a candidate who appears on their favorite TV show, drops a ‘fiery mixtape,’ and uses a ‘sweet meme’ on national television. That is a candidate who will become the next President of the United States. That is a candidate who will become America’s bae.”

Political analysts have speculated that this appearance is a reaction to Donald Trump’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” where SNL had its highest viewership in three years. Trump’s appearance has sparked a multitude of presidential candidate cameos on many television shows, including Jeb Bush appearing on Empire as the token white friend, Chris Christie appearing on a 9/11 conspiracy special on the History Channel, and Ben Carson on NCIS as a dead body.

At a recent press conference in Iowa, Bernie Sanders was asked if he would also cameo on a television show. Sanders responded that he thinks it is a “waste of time” and that Clinton needs to start focusing on the “issues,” like the “depleting middle class” if she wants to beat him for the nomination. Later that day Clinton’s twitter account responded saying “LOL OMG ROFL LMAO DTF amiright guys?”

During the actual episode, Clinton appeared during a letter segment to help teach the letter ‘V’.

“V is for a vote!” Clinton told Cookie Monster, “Votes are much better than cookies because they elect me, Hillary Clinton, as President! Make sure all you millennials vote for me! Please!”

Clinton then reportedly went to shake the hand of Cookie Monster’s puppeteer through the puppet as a child screamed out, “WHY IS THAT SCARY SMILE LADY CHOKING COOKIE MONSTER?”

After the appearance on Sesame Street, polls barely grew for Clinton among younger voters and sank among preschool children. As a last ditch effort to appeal to the young voters and to clean up the mess from Sesame Street, Clinton made a shocking announcement.

“I hereby declare that I am endorsing Bernie Sanders for President of the United States,” Clinton said. “Young people love him, so this will finally get them all to support me! Bernie for President!”

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