Written by: The MQ

  1. Plug two generators into one another for endless energy
  2. Give internship credit to undergraduates for sitting around and spinning a wheel
  3. Power a generator with heat from the 17 hot singles in your area
  4. Add bangs and a moody attitude to all of our current energy sources
  5. Turn the Tour de France into a stationary bicycle race, with electric generators hooked up to each bike
  6. Point a light at a solar panel, and then power that light with energy from the solar panel
  7. Convert your parent’s disapproval when you come home for winter break into electricity
  8. The inevitable heat death of the universe makes a search for alternative energy sources futile
  9. I hear Costco sells big packs of AA batteries for $15
  10. Lunar panels: like solar panels, but worse

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