Top Ten Problems You First Encounter In College

Top Ten

Written by: The MQ

  1. Fighting on the playground
  2. The human body contains about 3.5 more liters of blood than your bucket can handle
  3. The realization that life is just series of arbitrary goals, the meaning of which doesn’t ultimately bring you happiness, but also there’s this midterm coming up
  4. Guns and butter
  5. People no longer solve problems by dancing and singing like they did in high school
  6. “Ok, so I’ve got 70 dollars to spend on food per week and only eating ice cream costs me 80 dollars. I’m going to have to start eating things other than ice cream”
  7. Showing up late to class because you ran into that prankster ghost, Peeves
  8. That moment when you checked your phone during Chem 6C and your teacher put it in a Vitamix blender and made you drink it as a smoothie
  9. You’ve only got one fire extinguisher. Roommate or ceiling?
  10. Ow, that fucking door again

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