Written by: The MQ

The Sun God Festival’s team, along with Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Juan Gonzalez, met this month to discuss the future of proposals to permanently cancel UCSD’s Sun God Festival.

ASCE officials proposed major changes to the format of Sun God-cancellation proposals, citing the fact that they have not made meaningful progress towards cancelling Sun God, despite years of efforts.

“The administration promises to make Sun God nonexistent every year,” said one official, “but with the lack of progress in enacting these changes, it’s really hard to justify the continuation of this tradition in its current form.” Some ASCE officials proposed a cancellation of proposals to cancel Sun God altogether.

The Vice Chancellor disputed such measures, saying “Proposing to cancel Sun God is a UCSD tradition, and while the scope of these proposals may have to be reduced, we fully intend on keeping this tradition intact for future generations.”

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