Local Student “Loves to Have Fun”


Written by: The MQ

Gerald Martinez, third year San Diego State student, came under nationwide scrutiny after posting a series of statements on his Facebook, the most controversial being “I love to have fun.”

Other posts have addressed a more political tone, with “ISIS is bad” and “I like being free” garnering the most negative feedback. Theses posts gained large attention because of their obviously polarizing nature, with an average of 1.2 million likes per post and an estimate of 300,000 times Martinez has been blocked by other users.

Martinez was interviewed at his apartment by local news, responding to the blocking and negative feedback with, “people have opinions. People who hate may or may not continue to hate. Feeling sad is not fun but I love to have fun.”

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has commented on Martinez’s actions as “a revolutionary, bold stance in a time of political correctness. ‘I love having fun’ is something that really strikes to the core of his rebel spirit and even though I cannot necessarily agree with the message, it is certainly admirable to be so bold. We might even defeat ISIS if that post becomes popular enough.”

Martinez is scheduled to release a memoir on his journey following the posts entitled “Being Liked by People is Nice.”

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