Written by: The MQ

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced a wave of new features to the website last week, chief among them what he’s calling “second order read receipts.”

“This will fundamentally revolutionize the way we communicate,” Zuckerberg stated during a speech made to hungry, dead-eyed interns. “Until this point in history, humans have only been able to know when the messages they sent were read, but no longer. With the SORRs, now you’ll also be able to know when your friends checked if you’ve read the messages they sent.”

Primary reactions to the feature’s release were generally positive, with one member of the millennial community hailing it as “just the thing Facebook was missing. This new piece of meta-information will go perfectly with the kale smoothie I have every morning.”

However some were not pleased. “I saw Brian check whether or not I read his message, like, six times before I actually read it,” commented a different 20-something, “talk about clingy.”

Facebook hasn’t made an official statement concerning their users’ reactions, but are currently making no plans to put an end to the continual embedding, reportedly working on creating read receipts for logging on to the site.

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