a way to keep this damn rock from falling


Written by: The MQ

Sisyphus via Clay Pot

Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation states that all things with mass and energy are attracted to one another. Gravity causes the planets to orbit the sun, the moon to orbit Earth, and that boulder to fall back down every time you reach the top. Yet Newton and the laws of physics still cannot explain the cruel and maddening justice that the God of Thunder deals out to us petty mortals. While inventions certainly exist to keep that boulder at the top of the mountain, no soul would reveal them and risk the smite of Zeus’ thunderbolt. If you didn’t want to lug that rock around, you shouldn’t have been so hubristic in the first place. Sure, pushing a boulder just to see it fall down again may be a meaningless task to have to repeat over and over again, but we all have our own metaphorical boulder and you don’t see us complaining about it.

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