Written by: The MQ

  1. In 2003, with a search warrant for WMDs
  2. With a ring to propose to your girlfriend who’s the maid of honor
  3. While admitting that no, you weren’t killed, it was your twin, and you’re pregnant with Brenda’s baby
  4. With your own basket of flower petals to show that idiot flower girl how it’s done
  5. First by diving from a plane into the ocean next to the venue, then scuba diving to the shore, taking off the scuba suit and revealing a tux underneath
  6. Tarred and feathered with the other doves being let out of the box
  7. Bursting through the bride’s chest
  8. When the priest asks, “Does anyone have any objections?” say “I do,” and walk up the aisle with your wedding dress
  9. Reveal to all your friend’s family and the actors present that you’ve impersonated both the bride and groom as long as they’ve known each other
  10. Don’t tell anyone you’re going

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