Written by: Lawrence Lee

Local band Flandering Ferret took the stage at Panderer’s Pub in Midtown at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, performing their instrumental single “Cherry Pickers.”

The San Diego-based three-piece grunge rock group played a 30-minute set as openers for local band Spittakers. They began with five minutes of melodic tuning and improvised warm-up solos and proceeded to launch into the beginning of “Cherry Pickers,” their 25-minute magnum opus.

Following the song intro, they transitioned into an entirely instrumental verses and interspersed choruses, which the band called a “contemporary twist on the verse-chorus structure that plagues modern music.”

Eight minutes into his solo, the guitarist noticed the audience losing interest, unable to grasp the masterpiece’s overwhelming musicality. He stopped shredding to reassure their audience that “we’re about to hit the best part solo — just wait.”

After his solo, the band ended their performance with the culmination of a bass solo, and then a second guitar solo, and then a third guitar solo immediately after the second one.

MQ Alum, former Web Editor at The MQ

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