The MQ is UCSD’s premier satirical newspaper. Founded in 1989ish, we strive to offer a critical (read: self-aware, responsibly-grown) perspective on real (read: sorta real) stories that matter to (read: show up on the Facebook feeds of) and affect (read: gently caress) the lives of our readers (read: “humans”).

You can find us every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Muir College’s Half Dome Lounge.

There’s always something to do, from writing, editing, and copying to Photoshopping, InDesigning, illustrating, or publicizing. Absolutely no experience required, only the ability to find us. I'll be wearing a red feather in my hat.

— Barak Tzori, Editor-In-Chief

The MQ is proud to be a Muir College student organization. Printing funds for The MQ are generously provided by the Muir College Council.

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About This Site

This website was built by Lawrence Lee (Web Editor, 2016–2017), Barak Tzori (Editor-In-Chief, 2016–2017), Katherine Wood (Graphics Editor, 2016–2017), and Cole Steffensen (Business Editor, 2015–2016). It runs Rails 4.2.0, is hosted on DigitalOcean, and uses the frontend framework Pure. It's initial release date was September 2016. You can find the source code on Github.


We've come to a point in which, after a long while, not all our printing costs are covered by the university. So if you want to donate and write off some taxes, we'd really appreciate it. Visit the donation site and search for "Muir Quarterly".


A huge, huge, we love you thank you to all the following wonderful folks, but we duped ya! All you get in return is your name here and a small amount of gratification.
Riley Mallory, Dr. Sean T. Powell MD, Phillip Hodgson, Daniel Jackson, Hilary Morefield, Kristin Muench, Geoffrey Moss, Kevin Chu, Colin Parent, Sora Chee, Adam Armstead, Andrew Deneris, Nicole Teixeira