1. As long as you remember which hand is your right one and how to write your name you should be fine
  2. You can tell who the Chief Justice is because they brought a mini-Oreo pack in their lunch box
  3. If the majority of the kids say so, then a square peg does fit into a round hole
  4. That one guy just asked his first question in 10 years
  5. Shoes that light up
  6. The future of the nation rests in your hands
  7. You know that if you bring Sotomayor a Hershey's Kiss Ginsberg will want one too and then you'll need one for everyone
  8. You don't know why anyone thought you were up to this and you're surprised you've made it this far
  9. American tax dollars made this whole thing possible
  10. "I'm gonna be here forever!"